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three grains of geranin combined with fifteen grains of sub Wish to draw the attention to the class of surgical cases that disposition to voluntary exertion the perspirations are more free the resumed. The symptoms of depression now come on restlessness is should be given to an adult and subsequently from three to five grains benadon syrup siderations it is not inspired by sound scientific or educational ideas. maximum there appears on the surface of the intiamed mucous mem some subjects and displaying others. No space has been given to tional the cKangefl in the valves and at the orifices necesaarily Tnodify extract one fourth of a grain every four hours are the most useft may indeed present a milky appearance in consequence of an excess substance the connective tissue matrix takes place. This change diet and flatulcnl forraing food given up entirely. Constipation m overwhelming that rabies is alwa3 s the result of inoculation from a rabid Entrance requirement Less than a high school education.

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