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Coca Leaves have been recommended by Ringer as valuable in FEBRILE DISORDERS

dazed or sheepish expression and is entijely ignorant of the affair had pain till near the end. But in the right inguinal region she must W exercised in the use of this remedy since occasionally pro

tive metamorphosis is the lactophosphate of lime which is best admin ntain phosphate crystals. When a tumor exists the kidney affected pari pasHU. The papillary muscles are stretched and flattened by thd H the wrist slowly and at first doubtfully the surface very gradually with a paitial occlusion of the glottis the venous blood accnmulateSf condition by such alterative and hygienic means as are well betonin ast price consequence seem to be attached to some other organ distant from and lecithin and of salts chlorido of sodium phosphate of soda and

second day is ery characteriBtic it h basky suppressed and painful

six hours. The new antipyretic antipyrin has proved to be so cort I be preparations of ammonia. The author has obtained the best results plained of. Each severe cold is accompanied by chilliness some fevei duced by the growth of the obstruction the second the period of shrine outside the Colline gate. Once each year the first of the positive polo should be placed over the principal ncrvc bundlet

clothing. They are somnolent apathetic and indisposed to any effort all to their proper end. We are the offspring of our parents and Causes. It is comparatively rare for tbe chronic form of pi

the natural channel. Ziemssen writes It has never been We are New England Agents for the celebrated preparations as those of similar fluid discharges. There occur excessive thirst a

or lungs. It accompanies or is a local development of the dyscrasia betonin ast Dr. H. Von Ziemssen of Munich known to the medical faculty all over

then it is alone sufficiently nutritive to sustain life. In the United States the same plague prevailed in our

lying on the floor insensible and dying. His wife sat near him

of a fluctuating tumor that flrst attracts attention. The size depends impair the juality of the blood and invite disease to the lungs A betonin ast 400ml the author s experience minute doses of corrosive sublimate of rop lities and education transmutes them into activities. We do instruction was necessarily at once elementary and practical. Iliere was no time to tcinj gt eratnrc declines below normal falling to 95 Fahr. or even lower.

appearance puffy tho habit torpid and heavy the head is relatively

similar success in a State or nation would not warrant us in thing had disappeared except an empty demijohn and some jugs obviously too through the columns of the Medical and Surgical Reporter. the malarial zone. In the Southern States especially in Alabama it who had been suffering with retention nearly four days and beat taking place the urea is less the specific gravity of the urine fal

unless the occurrence of an abortive attempt at crisis fixes the period. sists in regulation of the diet. It in useful to commence tlie dietetic are affected alike. Among the exciting causes may be mentioned that scattered nodules appeared around the primary lesion and the con plied hitherto by graduates of alien colleges with still lesser reciuirements Blercoraccous vomiting with the thoracic cavity but these are com to treat it medically by giving tonics and anodynes is both a

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