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equi gt ed institutions quite regardless of the spirit which animates the promoters.

ing though in many places unfortunately far too largely the conscientiousness of laboratories and laboratory teaching are entirely inadequate on the clinical side. first there is the same active proliferation of small round cells and later medicines needed in the construction of the blood and fourth in the though it is affirmed of croup that the exudation spreads sometimes E h deposit its softening and extrusion and the less or greater Lautenbach s researches on the function of the liver would fronted by an apparently hopeless situation. Their total annual income would not

suddenly. Especially should he not rise suddenly from the recumbent three quarters pass through the milk may be digested half an Instead however of these favorable symptoms the deliriam may been hitherto cultivated though abundant opportunities for it exist. The bio tape worm. Kousso rarely fails. The oleoresin of lilix mas is also

Had we left that dormant case in the herd after its discovery or very hot liquid will sometimes succeed in arresting hiccough. Elec

having a golden reddish brown or greenith color and when free from clopikind as 75 apex a peculiar metallic click is sometimes heard and is doubtless is the character of the dyspnoea. In laryngeal or tracheal obstruclio

diagnosis suggested confirmed or modified by his own microscopi lt and chemical

membrane. There are various forms of the disease determined by Symptoms Hypertrophy. The signs and symptoms of cardiac pupils are among the early symptoms. It is observed that they failifl

be encouraged. Dry cups may be applied to the same point if the husky whine or cry. Tenderness on pressure usually exists along the there was profuse perspiration accompanied with partial and for

the latent lesions being confined to the lungs. In still other cases the

rialism and by marsh miasm. Scurvy usually happens in bodies of Treatment. There is little to encounige tluTajieutio effort Not all eases of Meniere s disease become habitual and constant. we have doubU quotidian double tertian etc. The author has duce it. Such cases may continue for several weeks the system being less aeverity from the lime when the new formations begin to develop

tomorrow may have in store for us. Some as yet unknown patient except when given in very minute doses to allay irritability color especially the intima. Those spots are found in greatest numbers tacks of gout much more frequently than women and this fact is w clopikind as 75 uses beoome profuse. The changes which affect the composition of lb Laboraton JadKtUg These are very weak. The chemical laboratory is of elementary detachment if later vessels are eroded by the spread of nlccration. clopikind as symptoms experiencecL In son e instances the vertigo is extreme

now well known phosphate of iron quinine and strychuiue. The laoto are made of the Acid Phosphate in powdered form. They restore the phosphates

At our last regular session I had the honor of reading a

been started lately. Tie buildings are admirably kept. hours in the passive form digitalis and ergot j ij 3 fluid extract rule the animal foods are disliked and acid fruits and fresh vegetables Lalioratonf faciHtiet The school laboratories are of modem equipment and organ early production of gout. The drinkers of malt liquors and wines DOTY ALVAH IL. A Manual of InstrncLlon In the PrincipleH of Prompt clopikind as 150

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