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PLEASE READ: Before sending an e-mail please read the FAQ below:

  1. Where can I buy xxxxx product, bodykit, etc?
    Check the suppliers/shops links page.  Product manufacturers/lines/brands they carry are listed beside the supplier/shop link.
    • I have checked, but no shop can supply xxxxx product...
      Check the product manufacturers website (see manufacturers links page) for a list of their dealers/suppliers.  If no such information exists on their website then try e-mailing them.
  2. Do you have more photos of xxxxx product, bodykit, etc?
    No, all photos are on the website.  Please check suppliers and/or the manufacturers website for additional photos.
  3. Does PreludeCrazy.com manufacture or supply any products?
  4. Why isn't the 'Add Link' feature an automatic/live/instant update?
    Because 95% of the submitted links are submitted to the incorrect links page, e.g. Shops sometimes submit their link to the '4th gen specific' links page, instead of 'Shops & Services'.  So if this was an automatic/live/instant updating process you can see how the links pages will quickly become a total mess.

Please send emails in TEXT format, not in HTML format.

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