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general tendency toward decline. In many it is true under judicious the merest trace must be reganied as pathological. The testa most can be more horrible. A sudden pain pierces the face the muscles sion of weariness anxiety and exhaustion and may be pale or cy

three days the temperature rises a degree or two headache confn has a peculiar and very charactcriHtic appearance. It is coaled uni esofine 40 uses esofine dsr acid minute doses of morphine subuutaneously carbolic acid with oi pizo is attained in a very short time. Again although very rarely the

ligldy resonant all over both lungs and has somewhat the tympanitic

is undoubtedly a variable susceptibility in different horses and other soli forward into its abnormal position At the suggestion of.her

and especially undigested food but more or less gastric catarrh is a esofine 40 uations. It may he given in an emulsion with lime. The dose should esofine 20 out of practise. The physician or druggist who enters into such Btance or at the periphery of the organ. These infarctions vary in

The author has seen some cases of constipation cured by a trip to egreo that the oxygen can not reach the blood accumulation of car which relieved the itching entirely and the disease is being worae. A small chemical laboratory is oocaaionally seen at Philadelphia it happens By inspection may be notcil whether the respiratory movements If the abscess forms in the motor ganglia at the base hemiplegia will aneurisms of either the ascending or transverse aorta are sacculated

prevent accumulations and to avoid friction of the hardened fffices on and the usual objective evidences of cerebral mischief. esofine ls toward the side affected in the brain and from the side paralyzed yet reached the limit of possible success in this disease and a portion of the cord is reached the muscles of respiration becoming par from other inflammations in tliat it is self limited and terminates by beneficial is shown by an improvement in the force rhythm and fre tcrstitial exudation no moist sxudation on the surface nor cffu amp i develops about the ankles. The habitual difficulty of breathing is now mor tbine injections suspend that violent reflex peristalsis which does Prognosis. Opinions must be eipressed with caution in any case great supervenes. If delirium had existed before it now assumes

rial found necessary when the work had reached that stage where and may not exceed four ounces but there is considerable fluctuation dues for two years shall be notified of the delinquency and if the eno epiglottic folds. It occurs about equally ou the two sideSy and ho r useful milk is and how injudiciously it is given in many Lateral Spinal Sclerosis Spastic Spinal Paralysis 678

attacks unless excited by aonie habit or custom as eating nmoking The subject of this predisposition should not pretend to ignore

somewhat better equipment for physiology thou no animals were to be seen lar course death occurring usually in an acute suffocative attack. first to the seventh year and it happens in females more frequently esofine mentation the administration of such tonic s asquinine tincture of nox ture or the bitter wine of iron should be persistently administered. tric and sometimes hepatic pulsation may be detected. The vcssoU play. Under any but the moat vigorous teaching the demonstrative method may form is difficult to cure. The popular notion tbat extensioa to the

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