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phosphorus while the faecal phosphorus remains unchanged.
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contained two buckskin dolls one male and the other female.
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scalplock pendant from a disc ij diameter of red flannel having
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for one or two days arrest the bleeding by touching the
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Vaseline and yellow precipitate 1 in 50 is however specially
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made a copy of his own medicine flute. This man announced that
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Oppenheim and Borchardt give notes of two cases of intraspinal
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medical care with an attack of ordinary facial erysipelas. She was
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bowel found itself drawn tightly between its fixed point the ligament
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not sufficiently accounted for by the character of the initial features
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the whole body become blue the feet and hands assume
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The elk headdress cat. no. 15 3258 accompanjdng the effigy
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nausea stomatitis and albuminuria. The site of the last injection
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on day after inoculation followed by death on the same day or day
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tion to make people believe that the evil did not originate
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thickened and covered with granulations. In the absence of symptoms
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origin blows lesion of the conjunctival coat from the lash
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cases might be dealt with by another dose of stovaine. In one case
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recurrence some patients after the lapse of ten to fourteen years
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the two latter then di dde the corpus spongiosum somewhat anterior
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publications dealing ith obstetrical and g naecological subjects is
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Extensive arranjrements are made in this Asvlum for the reception ol
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should have become mortified in which case the animal
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M.D. Two cases of Leukaemia treated by the Rontgen Rays
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the benefits derived from this form of treatment are due to a destructive
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or other elastic matter. Begin to apply the roller and after

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