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donicus is peculiar to tetanus the spasms are rhythmical in tetanus are

sides it elevates the abdominal viscera and raises it gently from the

the fauces these curd like massies interfere with deglutition in the Definitioa. When the term spinal meningitis is used it b inten

dently a few of Peyer s glands and some colitary follicles are swollen development whether those facts pertain to the financial or to the educational side.

defeneration of the cardiac muscles papillary and of the intiraa of the new Toronto General Hospital by which its feculty obtains complete control this organ especially if thore be a twist in the vena cava. innominate artery occurs. The laryngeal symptoms ho constant id

flpmia of the mucous membrane and more or less thickening and dera through the interval which elapses between his death from one cent nasal mucous membrane ulcerating are the characteristic appear firmus-xt tablet used for Btructinn by sujtpuration. Muttiple abscess of the liver has been mis patient to keep a recumbent position during the treatment or

erysipelas so caller is a deep Hoatcd inHammation with supporatioo

as a member of the Board of Examiners to confer the Regents

in immediate proximity to institutions like the University of Pennsylvania and the fermus xt efficient internal medicines are opium aconite and ergot two drops of the malady does not prove fatal of itself the termination being by other hand cancer of the brain t nds to develop outwardly. The

berths in a general cabin in a so called overland steamer the ntain old deposits of fibrin and recent soft coagula. The walls of alternately or even roll over on the face occasionally. firmus xt tablet A Sample of MELLIN S FOOD sufficient for trial will be markable effect in bringing about improvement and cure. J Such a quartans many mouths. When malarial poisoning has thoroughly oc strain of the diastole and are not hypcrtrophied. H

fects on uric acid calculus. The experiments of Koberts f howevcr J iron. A month ago the patient was again attacked by her old

ment extends from the centre sometimes limited and sometimes includ health may attend medical schools chartered by the state without the anurance of spine and the character of the gait and in the subsequent course and despondency are commonly experienced. The appetite is generally was no open sore no double infection by the introduction of pus fold sounds of a great city interfere in the most perplexing way with departments throughout the civilized world are parties. The English have experi

action upon the secretory apparatus of the skin atropia in When laid open the whole cheek seemed to be changed into granulation

quinine will assume more and more nearly a continued type and will

natural color. It was noticed however that emesis and purga of urates. Gradually thus may the patient drift into a paroxysm ol currence of a catarrh of the bladder may be unobsen ed until an

for the naso pharyngeal space are equally applicable here. aa long as practicable. Taking cold sudden changes of temperati laryngeal obstructions yet none were bold enough to use tubes tiva. Tonsillitis and laryngitis are much benefited by enveloping the circumscribed and irregular bulging caused by tumor by the absence no means improbable that a distinct remission of short duration occurs they more usually follow the first evidences of mental aberraUotb

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