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The images below are photos of products that are compatible with the 4th generation Honda Prelude.  The name and manufacturer of the products are below the images.

 Click on the thumbnails for a larger image (in a new window)... 
Rev/Speed MeterRev/Speed Meter (RSM-GP)Ignition Timing ControllerSuper Air Flow Controller
A'PEXi AEM Buddy Club
VTEC/Air Flow ControllerEngine Management SystemProgrammable ECUSuper Computer
Field Hondata Jet Performance
VTEC & Fuel ControllerHyper-R Fuel ControllerProgrammable ECUV-Force PCM
JUN K's Speed Power Enterprise R-Spec (Datasystem)
Sports ComputerTuning ROMVTEC & Fuel ControllerFuel Controller
R-Spec (Datasystem) RaceLogic
Digital Speed MeterVTEC ControllerVBOX TimerTraction Control
Race Technology Spoon Sports
GPS Data LoggerPerformance MeterVTEC ControllerSports Computer
Total Car Concept Ultra
Powerchip ECUDrive MonitorMultimode MonitorSpeed Monitor
Ultra Venom Performance
Speed MonitorVenom 400
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