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What single aspect do you like most
about standard/stock 4th gens?
Fuel Economy
Low Maintenance
Current Results

Performance 32.4% (830)
Appearance 54.5% (1397)
Handling 8% (204)
Economy 1.5% (39)
Maintenance 2.1% (53)
Other 1.5% (38)
Total Votes: 2561
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This website contains information relating to Honda Preludes, particularly the 4th gen model.

When I originally started putting together PreludeCrazy.com, it only consisted of a few pages of information about my Japanese imported Prelude SiVTEC.  I had no intention of developing it into a website containing general Honda Prelude information, however I continued to add little bits of information, and before I knew it I was writing purpose built sections.

Much of my time is spent developing this website and I have plenty of ideas for new sections, so keep an eye on PreludeCrazy.com for updates.
PreludeCrazy's Prelude
If you haven't already done so, please sign this petition at Petition Online.com.   Basically it's an attempt to persuade Jackson Racing and/or Vortech to make a supercharger kit for the older Prelude generations.
Register for an account if you haven't already done so, this will allow you to login via your own username & password.  Once you have registered and logged in, an extra submenu will appear in the main menu which give you access to the new sections.

This will allow you to create your own setup which other people can view.  Registered users will be able to vote for three setups per month, and the setups with the three highest votes at the end of the month get a gold, silver, bronze accreditation respectively.
I will soon start work on re-writing the links section, which will allow vistors to search for shops supplying specific product lines, and also manufacturers of specific parts.

I also have plans to re-write the voting poll allowing users to change their votes - which you cannot currently do.

Finally (for now!), at some point I will write a custom classified ads section (instead of using the current 'general' forum), which will feature various automated features.
Last updated: 4 Apr 2004 - 10:50pm GMT