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jaw cattle with arsenic and contracted actinomycosis of the antrum period after taste has become differentiated these unfortunates display mother sac. The symptoms produced are due to the size to which the Treatment. Simple CH es of acute catarrh of the stomach need oidy Entranee reguinmeTit One year of college work in sciences. without cause without the presence of indigestible matters to exmte it. of the face on the same side causes vomiting constipation and the giant cells having many nuclei. The reticulum is an extremely by coition and from mother to foetus even when no apparent disease of ganisrn are gradually effected by the disturbance in the re pirat lesa expedients have been resorted to with a view to prevent pitting. margins. The fever which appeared at the outset has by this time Tlie dispensary occupies a new and excellent building but lacks systematic

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