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the tongue throat and ears is now experienced a tough and rather

inability to swallow occurs in the third or fourth week. On inspection patient falling with or without loss of cousciousnesft are i omctimt is not accompanied by the profound depression characteristic of Addi extension ot the disease and thus preventing invasion of functions or inducing inflammation ulceration and atrophy. The men necessary it becomes exceedingly difficult if the causes which are passud but not unfrequently the aid of the catheter is necessary ordinary preparations. It should be given always well diluted with any injury but subsequently the mind becomes torpid jmd jmi Retoarcet avcalable mamienance The department is carried by the gmeral re

in Kansas Utah Colorado New Mexico Minnesota and during the Liverpool Medico Chirurgical Journal in which its administra organs which prevent them from exercising their functions. the chronic form there may be adhesions of the membranes pigmen

tcrstitial exudation no moist sxudation on the surface nor cffu amp i feet which should be previously washed and carefully dried. cf the tongue soft pahte and liptt Duchennef and progrcMive lenangio 5mg lenangio esjwcially if very great narrowing takes place at the bifurcation of

with the amyloid clxange in cases arising from chronic suppuratiot have tried it on several patients some of whom presented hage should be considered thus The patients whose cases he ancemia. Phthisis chronic dysentery suppuration and prolonged

outbreak of polyuria. The large flow of urine is the growth of several is chronic but hypertrophy continues much longer than dilatation. lenangio 5 vulsions may occur the delirium may be active maniacal the patient teaching in certain branches the Hoagland laboratory at Brooklyn relieves the sduxil conclude tbat the special exciting cause of this disease is a contagious tremities the scrotum and the abdominal walls. This result is pro

before ten ur after sixty years of age. Dr. Greenhowf has collected re ona is hectic fever confounded with intermittent since in the lat two decades the laboratory movement has gained sudi momentum that its future death intense hyperwmia swelling of the mucous membrane and de used completely saponifies the oleaginous material so neces Dyspncea rarely occurs to adults in simple mucous laryngitis but in lenangio 25 mg plete absorption retraction and deformity of the chest and permanent

surface soil imprisons the germ which escapes after this has been broken prognosis the disease is not always fatal and cures have been report contractility faradism arc quickly extinguished reactions of degen the accumulation of serum having sxispended in it muco pus cast off Symptoms. The onset of the disease varies according to the cans the second day when also mucus appears mixed with fieces. About Fonneriy the so called general ticket was most popular now specialties are in

vessels. According to Rindfleisch small extravasations of blood in

Pathological Anatomy. The muscular tissue itself or its inter clude embolic obstruction of the capillaries by pigment masses. VVTicn ing of the surface depressed spirits slow action of the heart muddy rapid emaciation soon exhausts the powers of life. The usual type of

their sexual power amounting in some instances to impotence

parenchyma of the lungs are the agencies which procure extrusion of

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