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Prelude Products/Accessories

The images below are photos of that are designed for the 4th generation Honda Prelude.   The name and manufacturer of the are below the images.

3A Racing Performance 
A'PEXi (USA) - Exhausts, Intake/Cooling, Meters/Timers, & Power FC. 
AC Autotechnic 
Accel - Spark plugs, Spark plug wire separators, Spark plug wires. 
Ace Speed - Body kits, 4 core spark plug cables, Air filters, & Seats. (Site down when last checked) 
Addco - Safety bars & Sway bars. 
Advanced Clutch Technology - Clutches, & Flywheels. 
AEBS - Cam Gears, Fuel rails, & T-sleeves. 
AEM - Adjustable fuel pressure regulators, Air bypass valve, Braking systems, Cold air induction systems, Fuel rails, Oil caps, Ram air intakes, Spark plug covers, & Timing gears. 
Aero Duo - Body kits. (Site down when last checked) 
Aero Gear - Body kits, fenders, & bonnets/hoods. 
Aerotech - Body kits. 
Andy's Autosport - Body kits. 
Ansa - Exhausts. 
AP Racing - Information, Braking systems, & Clutches. 
APC (American Products Company) - Air filters, Air intakes, Altezza taillights, Bulbs, Bumper lights, Clear taillights, Corner lights, Coil-overs, Emblems, Fenders, Floor mats, Gear stick knobs, Gauges, Oil caps, Pedals, Rear side lights, Security locks, Silicone hoses, Spark plug wires, Steering wheels, VTEC solenoid covers, & Wipers. 
APEX Suspension Systems - Air filters, & Springs. 
API Engines - Gearboxes, Reconditioned engines, & Transmissions. 
Arias Forged Pistons - Pistons (inc. Rings). 
Arospeed - Air filters, Air intakes, Air intake pipe clamps, Bumper wings, Camber kits, Coil-overs, Exhaust mid-pipes, Fuel pressure regulators, Gear stick knobs, Ground wire kit, Headers, Mufflers, Muffler tips, Oil caps, Pedals, Radiator caps, Silicone hoses, Spark plug wires, Spark plug wires covers, Short shifters, Springs, Strut bars, Underdrive pulleys, & Wheels. 
ASP Racing - Pulleys. 
AutoEarth.com - Spoilers. 
Auto Meter Products - Door pillar gauge pods, and just about every gauge imaginable. 
Autostyle - Mats. 
Auto Ventshade Company - Headlight covers. 
Aquamist - Water injection systems. 
Axxis - Brake pads. 
Azect - (Translate into English) Body kits. 
B & I Trim - Dashboard kits. 
B&M Racing - Gear shift knobs, New volt coil power unit, Oil caps, & Short shifter. 
Baer Racing - Built-to-order braking systems. 
Banzai Sports - Exhaust silencers/mufflers. 
Bayou Performance - Performance ECU's. (Site down when last checked) 
BBA Remanufacturing - ABS pumps/controllers, Alternators, Catalytic converters, & Starter motors. 
B+G Sport Suspension - (or here) - Coil-overs, & Springs. 
Bilstein - Suspensions. 
BK Racing - Custom exhausts, & Wheels. 
Blitz (UK) - Air filters, De-limiters, Iridium spark plugs, Speedo converters, & Wheels. 
Blue Print - Manufactures most parts. 
Bodykits Northwest - Bodykits, & Carbon fibre bonnets/hoods. 
Bomz Racing - Air intakes, Cam gears, Front upper strut bars, High flow cat, & Rear upper strut bars. 
Brembo - Brake disks. 
Buddy Club - (Translate into English) Bodykits, Coil-over/Shock absorbers, Gear stick knobs, Magnet drains, Oil caps, Radiator caps, & Sports computer. 
Bullfrog - ECU chips, Camshafts, Clutches, Cylinder heads, Throttle bodies, & Headers. 
Carmate - Various car accessories. 
Carrillo - Connecting rods. 
Centerforce Clutches - Dual friction clutch. 
ChargeSpeed.com - (Translate into English) Bodykits, & Chrome fender trims. 
Chassis Dynamics - Suspension springs. 
Chikara/Hedman Hedders/TD Performance - Headers. 
Clutch Masters - Clutches, & Flywheels. 
Comptech - Clear bumper lenses, Clear head/tail lights, Decals, Fog lights, Licence plate, & Oil caps. 
CP Pistons - Pistons. 
Crane Cams - Ignition systems, & Spark plug wires. 
Crower Cams - Cam shafts, Connecting rods, Valve springs. 
Cusco - (Translate into English) - Clutches. 
Cyber Motorsports International - Body kits. (Site down when last checked) 
D. Speed - Spark plug leads, & Indicator lenses. 
DAMD (Dream AutoMobile Development & Design) - Body kits. 
Darkside Racing 
DC Sports - Air intakes, Battery tie downs, Exhausts, Front/rear strut bars, Headers, Oil caps, Rear tie bars, Short shifters/adapters, Shift knobs, & Spark plug wire covers. 
Defi - Clocks, Compasses, & Window screen reflecting Speedometers/Tachometers/Timers. 
DPR Racing Development - Engine modifications, Adjustable cam sprockets, Connecting rods, Forged racing pistons, Valve spring retainers, & Valve upgrades. 
Drag - Turbo kits. 
Dropzone Suspension - Coilovers, & Suspension springs. 
DRT Racing (Drag Racing Technologies) - Engine modifications, Custom exhausts, Turbo kits, DFI & Haltech installation/tuning, NOS, & general repairs. 
EBC - Brake pads. 
EFI Systems - Turbo check valves. 
Eibach - Suspension springs. 
Energy Suspension - Engine mount inserts, & Polyurethane bushes. 
eRacing Motorsports - Electric supercharger. 
Erebuni - (or here) - Body kits. 
EuroLights.com - Bulbs. 
eSuperchargers.com - Superchargers. 
Excentrix Automotive Innovations - Air suspensions. 
Exedy - Clutch, & Clutch covers. 
F-Max - Turbo systems. 
Feel's - (Translate into English) Air intakes, Batteries, Brake hoses, Emblems, Exhausts, Front upper strut bars, Gear stick knobs, Keyrings, Oil caps, Spark plug wires, Speed delimiter, & Sports computer. 
Ferodo - Brake pads. 
Ferrea Racing Components - Combo kits, Roller rockers, Valve springs, Valve spring seat locators, Valves, & Valve guides. 
FET (USA) - Catz fog/driving lights. 
Fiber Images - Carbon fibre bonnets/hoods. (Site down when last checked) 
Fidanza - Cam gears, & Flywheels. 
Field - Data recorder/Fuel controller, & VTEC controller. 
Folia Tec 
Florida Auto Trim - Dashboard kits. 
Flowmaster Mufflers - Exhausts. 
Fujitsubo - (Translate into English) 
FX Designs - Body kits. 
GG Bailey - Car mats. 
Goodridge - Brake lines. 
GReddy - Air filters, Exhausts, Gauges, Headers, Oil caps, Radiator caps, & Shift knobs. 
Ground Control Racing Suspensions - Spring Kits. Also supplies Eibach, GAB, Koni, & Suspension Techniques. 
Ground Designs 2000 - Body kits. 
Gude Performance - ECU chips, Camshafts, Clutches, Cylinder heads, Throttle bodies, & Headers. 
Hayame - Air intakes, Battery tie downs, Bonnet/hood pins, Cam Gears, Clutches, Exhausts, Filters, Floor mats, Gear stick knobs, Oils caps, Pedals, Radiator brackets, Radiator caps, Silicone hoses, Spark plug wire covers, Strut bars, & Wheel nuts. 
H&R Springs - Suspension springs, & Wheel spacers. 
HC Racing - Clutches. 
Hedman Hedders (Chikara) - Headers. 
HID Plus - High Intensity Discharge headlights. 
Hiper Industries - Clear tail lights, & Bulbs. 
Hiro Motor - (Translate into English) Bodykits. 
HiSpec Motorsport - Brake kits. 
HKS (USA) - Emblems, Exhausts, Gauges, Ground wires, Induction kits, Oil caps, Licence plates, Spark plugs. 
HondaGuard.com - Honda security. 
Hondata - Adjustable ECU chips, Intake gaskets. 
HoseTechniques - Silicone hose kits. 
HotShot Performance - Air intake systems, & Headers. 
HP Racing - Air intakes, Braking systems, Bulbs, Exhausts, Fog lights, Gear shift knobs, Pedals, Steering wheels, Strut bars, & Wheels. 
Iceman - Cool air intake systems. 
Impossible Performance - Induction kits, Air filters, Exhausts. 
Import Modifications - Product installation guides on CD-ROM. 
In.Pro. Car Wear - Air intakes, Blubs, Bumper lights, Clear taillights, Corner lights, Headlights, & Rear side lights. 
Ingalls Engineering - Camber, Caster, & Toe adjusters. 
Injen Technology - Air intake systems, & Oil caps. 
InTrax - Springs. (Site down when last checked) 
Invo Auto - Air induction kits, Bulbs, Turbo jet, & Water vapour jet. 
ITG - Air filters 
Jackson Racing - Battery tie downs, Brake lines, Cam gears, Cam seals, Clutch reservoir covers, Fuel filters, Gauges, Liquid intercooling systems, Oil caps, Power steering reservoir covers, Racing clutches, Sparkplug covers, Springs, & VTEC solenoid covers. 
Jacobs Electronics - Ignition systems & Spark plug wires. 
Janspeed - Exhaust systems. 
JE Pistons - Pistons. 
Jet Performance Products - ECU upgrades, & V-Force Power Control Module. 
Jetex - Air induction kit. 
JG Engine Dynamics - Cams, Cam gears, Cylinder heads, Engine blocks, Pistons, Springs, Race engines, Race heads, Rods, Valves, & Valve retainers 
JIC Magic - Strut braces, & Suspension springs. 
JKL Racer Design - Air intakes, Alteeza taillights, Bumper lenses, Carbon fibre bonnets/hoods, Clear taillights, Coil-overs, Corner lenses, Emblems, Exhausts, Fog lights, Gear shift knobs, Headlights, Hose sleeving, Indiglo window screen sticker, Oil caps, Pedals, Side markers, Spark plug wires, Spoilers, & Wheel nuts. 
JSP - Spoilers. 
JUN - Body kits, Brake pads, Camshafts, Cam sprockets, Clutch, Computer, Connecting rods, Engine kits for turbos, Exhausts, Flywheels, Headers, Keyrings, Oil cap, Pistons, Radiator, Stickers, Valve retainers, & Valve springs. 
K's Speed - (Translate into English) Bodykits, Adjustable upper arms, Carbon fibre bonnets/hoods, Camber kits, Emblems, FRP bonnets/hoods, FRP dashboards, Gauge facias, Stickers, & Tuning ROMs. 
K & N Filters Limited (UK) - Air intake kits, & Air filters. 
Kakimoto - (Translate into English) - Exhausts, Brake pads,  
Kaaz - Limited slip differentials. 
Kaminari - Body kits. 
KC Aerodynamic Designs - Body kits. 
kg/mm - (Translate into English) Suspension springs. 
King Motorsports - Throttle bodies. 
Koito - Halogen bulbs. 
Koyo - Radiators. 
Koni - Shock absorbers. 
Krooz International - Canover air suspension. 
KYB Gas Shocks - Shock absorbers, Shock/Strut mounts, & Strut boot kits. 
Leda Suspension - Coil spring kits, & Shock absorbers. 
Level 10 Performance Transmission Systems - Engine rebuild kits, Torque converters, Axles, & Shiftonic shifter. 
Magnecor - Spark plug wires. 
Manley Performance Products - Connecting rods, Retainers, Valves, Valve springs. 
M.E. Edition (Manfred Ernst Edition) - Body kits. 
Mines - (Translate into English) - Computers. 
Mantaray Motorsport Racing - Brake lines, Cool air intakes, Gauge faces, Oil cap, Seat brackets, Short shifters, & Spark plug covers. 
Momo - Gear knobs, Steering wheels, & Wheels. 
MonsterFlow - Air filters. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) 
Moroso - Spark plug wires. 
Mr Gasket - Dip sticks, Exhaust gaskets, & Oil caps. 
MSD Ignition - Spark plug wires. 
Mugen - Body kits, Gear shift knob, Headers, Oil cap, Pedals, Steering wheels, Valve cover, Wheel nuts, Wheels. 
Napolex (USA) 
Neuspeed - Battery bracket, Brake disks, Brake lines, Clutch, Decals, Gauges, Headers, Ignitions, Oil cap, Short shifters, Spark plug wires, Springs, Sway bars, & Upper front strut tie bars. 
NGK (UK) - Spark plugs, & covers. 
Nitrous Express - Nitrous oxide systems. 
Nitrous Oxide Systems - NOS, & Octane booster. 
Nology - Distributor caps, Ground wires, Ignition coils, Ignition coil amplifiers, Spark plugs, & Spark plug wires. 
OBX Racing Sports - Air filters, Altezza taillights, Battery tie downs, Bonnet/hood pins, Braided hose kits, Brake handles, Brake pads, Breathers, Bulbs, Camber kits, Cam gears, Cat flow pipes, Clear indicators, Coil-overs, Door mirrors, Exhausts, Floor plates, Fuel pressure regulators, Front/Rear side markers, Front lower strut bar, Front upper strut bar, Fuel rails, Gauge facias, Gauge pods, Gear stick knobs, Headers, Headlights, Hyper-illuminiscent gauges, Intakes, Licence plates, Mirrors, Mufflers, Pedals, Oil catch tanks, Power steering reservoir tanks, Pulleys, Racing seats, Rear lower tie bars, Short shifters, Side markers, Silicone hoses, Spark plug covers, Spark plug wires, Tow hooks, Valve covers, & Wheels. 
OMP - Bonnet/hood pins, Floor plates, Foot rests, Gear stick knobs, & Pedals. 
Onsoku Tuning - Cams, Spark plug wires, Suspension springs & Wheels. 
Pacesetter Performance Products - Air intakes, Exhaust systems, Headers, High flow catalytic converters, & Short shifters. 
Pi - Suspension springs. 
PIAA (UK) - Halogen lamp systems. 
Pilot Motorsports - Air intakes, Battery tie downs, Bonnet/hood pins, Decals, Gauges, Gear knobs, Mirrors, Oil caps, Pedals, Silicone hoses, Spark plug covers, Spoilers, Strut bars, & Valve caps. 
Piper Cams - Cam gears, Cam shafts, Valve springs, 
Pipercross - Air filters. 
Pivot - Gauge holders, Gear stick knob, Ground wires, & VTEC controllers. 
Porterfield Racing - Brake disks & pads. 
Power Enterprise - Radiator caps, Strong timing belts, & VTEC controllers. 
PowerSlot - Brake disks. 
Powerflow Exhausts - Exhausts. 
Pro Drive - Hub kits, Camber kits, Drag spools, & Final drive gears. 
Progress Technology - Camber kits, Coil-overs, Licence plate holders, Pivot mounts, Suspension springs, & Window screen sticker. 
Project Mu 
Prospeed Performance - ECU harness converters, ECU Upgrades, Headgaskets, Pistons, Pulleys, & Rods. 
Quaife - Automatic torque biasing differential. 
RC Fuel Injection - High performance custom racing fuel injectors. 
Racelogic - Alternator auto cut-out, ECU emulators, & Traction control (launch control optional). 
Race Technology 
Racing Sports Akimoto 
Raybrig - (Translate into English) 
Ractive / Eurolite / Toucan Industries - Air filters, Air intakes, Altezza taillights, Bulbs, Catalytic converter replacement pipes, Coil-overs, Corner lights, Exhaust mid sections, Exhausts, Gauges, Gear stick knobs, Headers, Hose sleeve kits, Pedals, Side lights, Silicone hoses, & Strut bars. 
RamAir - Air filters. 
Random Technology - Catalytic converters. 
RedDot Racing Products - Brake disks, & Pads. 
Rev Hard - Block guards, Keyrings, License plate frames, Manifolds, & Solenoid covers. 
Richbrook - Brake handles, Floor plates, Gear shift knob, Start buttons, Tax disk holder, & Tyre valves, Valve caps. 
RPS - Clutches. 
R-Spec / Data Systems - Various timers/meters. 
RS*R - Apparel, Exhausts, Springs,  
S&S Headers - Headers. 
Skunk2 - Coil-over suspensions. 
Spax - Suspension springs. 
Specialty Products Company - Camber anchor bolts, & Ball joints. 
Sprint Suspension Springs - Camber kits, & Springs. 
SPi - Body kits. 
Spitfire - Spark plugs, & Spark plug wires. 
Spoon Sports - (or SpoonEurope.com)Air Filter, Brake Hose, Brake Pads, Catalyst Converter, Clutch, Damper Kit, Exhaust, Exhaust Manifold, Front Lower Arm Bar, Front Strut Bar, Gear stick knobs, Heat Insulator Adhesive, High Tension Cord, Magnetic drain bolts, Master Cylinder Stopper, Oil caps, Radiator caps, Rear Lower Arm Bar, Rear Strut Bar, Reservoir tank covers, Shock Absorber, Sports Computer, Stickers, Suspension Springs, Thermostat switch, Urethane Bush, Ventuli Plate, VTEC Controller, & Wheel Nuts. 
StopTech - Brake disks. 
STR - Battery tie downs, Cam gears, Cam seals, Emergency brake handles, Fuel rails, Fuse covers, Gear stick knobs, Intake manifold, Oil caps, Pedals, Radiator caps, Reservoir caps, Sparkplug wires/valve covers, & Throttle bodies, Tow hooks. 
Stromung - Exhausts. 
Superchips (UK) - ECU chips. 
Superflex - Polyurethane suspension bushes. 
Supersprint - Catalytic converter replacement pipes. 
Synapse Engineering - Check valves. 
Suspension Techniques - Suspensions. (UNDER CONTRUCTION) 
Tanabe Racing Development - Exhaust systems, Springs, & Suspensions. 
Tarox - Brake disks & pads. 
Taylor Vertex - Convoluted tubing, Spark plug wires, & Tie wraps. 
Techna-fit - Brake lines. 
Tein - Flexible controllers, Springs, Stickers, Suspensions, & Suspension mounts. 
Tenzo Racing Sports 
TD Performance/Chikara/Hedman Hedders - Battery old downs, Air filters, Air intake systems, Gear stick knobs, Oil caps, Oil dipsticks, Pedals, Radiator hoses, Sparkplug wire cover, & Springs. 
Thermo-Tec - Exhaust insulation. 
Toda Racing - Coil-over/Shock absorbers. 
Topfuel - (Translate into English) 
Topmix - Bodykits. 
Total Car Concept (TCC) - Exhausts, Flywheels, Grinded cams, & Powerchip. 
Tesla Electronics - G-Tech/Pro - measures BHP, acceleration, braking and cornering times. 
Tokico - Shock absorbers, Suspension springs, & Suspension struts. 
Tom's - Brake pad. (Site down when last checked) 
Toucan Industries / Ractive - Air filters, Air intakes, Altezza taillights, Bulbs, Catalytic converter replacement pipes, Coil-overs, Corner lights, Exhaust mid sections, Exhausts, Gauges, Gear stick knobs, Headers, Hose sleeve kits, Pedals, Side lights, Silicone hoses, & Strut bars. 
TWM Induction - Throttle bodies, & possible injection manifold soon. 
Uniparts Direct - Air filters, Automotive belts, Batteries, Brake disks, Brake pads, Bulbs, Clutch kits, Distributor caps, Flasher units, Fuel filters, Oil, Oil filters, Shock absorbers, Spark plugs, Thermostat gaskets, Timing belts, & Wiper blades. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) 
Ultra - (Translate into English) - Drive monitors, Gauges, Ignition systems, Multimode meters, Spark plug wires, & Speed meters. 
Unorthodox Racing - Cam sprockets, Clutch, Flywheels, Pulleys, & Stickers. 
Value Sports - (Translate into English) Bodykits, & Emblems. 
Veneerz.com - Dashboard kits. 
Venom Performance - Intake Manifold (soon), Fuel injectors, Fuel pumps, Fuel rails, & Performance control modules. 
Vibrant Performance - Air intakes, Apparel, Battery tie downs, Brake handles, Headers, Exhausts, Exhaust hangers, Exhaust mid sections, Flexable exhaust couplings, Fog lights, Front upper strut bar, Gear shift knobs, Oil caps, Pedals, Rear upper strut bar, Silicone hoses 
Vision / Technica Sport - (Translate into English) Bodykits, Air intakes, Door mirrors, Exhausts, Oil caps, & Stickers. 
V.I.S. Racing Sports - Body kits, & Coil-overs. 
Vitek - Braided hose kits, Floor mats, & Radius rod bearings, Spark plug wires. (Site down when last checked) 
Weapon-R - Air intake kits, Apparel, Brake reservoir covers, Clutch reservoir covers, Coil-overs, Coolant catch tanks, Decals, Floor mats, Fuel pressure regulators, Gear shift knobs, Mufflers, Oil caps, Oil catch tanks, Power steering reservoir covers, Radiator cap covers, Silicone hoses, Throttle rotors, & VTEC solonoid covers 
Web-Cam Racing Cams - Adjustable cam gears, Custom cam grinds, & Valve springs. 
Weitec - Suspensions, & Shock absorbers. (Site down when last checked) 
Wings West - Body kits. 
Wiseco Piston - Pistons. 
Woodview - Dashboard kits. 
Zex - Nitrous oxide kits. 
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