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Honda/Prelude Specific

The following links are not necessarily related/specific to Preludes, but still maybe of use.

13 Second Prelude Page - Modifications, & information on Brady's 1992 Prelude Si. 
4th Gen. Prelude Repair Manual 
4th Gen. Prelude Si Performance Page - Info on Christian Hangenlat's 1993 Prelude Si. 
92Lude.com - Photos, modifications, specifications, and message board. 
Andrew Lew's 1994 Prelude VTi-R - Specification, photos, & PowerChip review. 
Andrew Rowe's 2.2 VTEC Turbo - Turbo installation, & engine/gearbox rebuild info. 
Anthony Verma's 1994 Prelude Si Turbo - Project turbo, photos, spec, & modifications. 
Blodi's Honda Prelude Page - Modifications, & 4th generation Prelude information. 
Brady's 1992 Prelude Si
Ryan Blodi's 1992 Prelude Si
Justin's 1993 Prelude Si
Kenny's 1993 Prelude Si
Curt's 1993 Prelude VTEC
Steve's Prelude VTEC
Brian Ingram's 1993 Prelude VTEC - Installation instructions for electric supercharger. (Site down when last checked) 
CarDomain.com: Ryan Wong's 1995 Prelude SE
Chris Mabry's 1995 Prelude S 
CJ's Place - Prelude photo gallery, & different 4th generation model specifications. 
Francis Tauson's 1992 Prelude VTEC 
HondaShowOff.com - News, message forum, & photo gallery. 
Hondashowoff.com: Avo's 1994 Prelude
Hondashowoff.com: Danny's 1992 Prelude
Hondashowoff.com: Darcy Carreiro's 1995 Prelude SR
Hondashowoff.com: Andrew Mitchell 1993 Prelude Si
Hondashowoff.com: Martin Bo Bina's 1992 Prelude Si
Hondashowoff.com: Roberto Baggio's 1995 Prelude Si
Hondashowoff.com: Kenneth Li's 1992 Prelude Si
Hondashowoff.com: Hernan Orihuela's 1992 Prelude S
Hondashowoff.com: Seth McLennan's 1991 Prelude Si 4WS
Hondashowoff.com: Imran's 1992 Prelude SR
Hondashowoff.com: TKO's 1993 Prelude Si
Hondashowoff.com: Tony Lis' 1993 Prelude
Hondashowoff.com: Valerie Lambros's 1996 Prelude VTEC
Hondashowoff.com: Justin Foley's 1994 Prelude
Hondashowoff.com: 1993 Prelude Si
Hondashowoff.com: Gabe Olson's 1992 Prelude Si
Hondashowoff.com: Michael Modica's 1994 Prelude S
Hondashowoff.com: Aaron Tronstad's 1994 Prelude Si
Hondashowoff.com: Dustin DePanicis' 1994 Prelude VTEC
Hondashowoff.com: Nick Mclean's 1993 Prelude SR
Hondashowoff.com: Kyle Osiecki's 1993 Prelude Si
Hondashowoff.com: Ryan Koga's 1993 Prelude Si
Hondashowoff.com: Brett Davidson's 1994 Prelude SRV
Hu Kent's 1992 Honda Prelude VTEC 
Imports Only 
Imports Only: Darren Cho's 1992 Prelude SR
Imports Only: Vincent Luu's 1992 Prelude Si 4WS
Imports Only: Dan Glyde's 1993 Prelude SR
Imports Only: Derek Arsenault's 1993 Prelude SRV
Imports Only: Grant Leung's 1995 Prelude SR
Jay's 1996 Prelude VTEC 
Jim Anderson's Pro Rally 1993 Honda Prelude VTEC 
Jim Froumis' Prelude VTEC Page - Prelude comparison table, & VTEC FAQ. (Site down when last checked) 
JST6 Racing - Jump to J. Sterling Turner's 1996 Prelude VTEC. 
Lincoln Ozawa's 1994 Prelude Si 
Neil Sibley's (Dragon-Man) Prelude VTEC 
Nyce Performance Racing: 1994 Prelude Si - Specification, & photo gallery. 
Patrick Broderick's 1992 Prelude Si - Specification, photo gallery, & track times. 
Prelude Fan Site - Roberto Talamini's 1992 Prelude 2.0i, photos, wallpaper, & nokia ring tones. 
Prelude Performance 
Rusty's Prelude Page - Modifications, journal, & photo gallery. (Site down when last checked) 
Scott's 1995 Prelude VTEC 
Sean's 1994 Prelude VTEC 
Speed Demon Racing - Jamie Sculerati's autocross 1992 Prelude Si. 
The Honda Prelude Website - Mods, news, gallery, classifieds, racing, & message forum. 
Wolfrace Wheels: Prelude VTEC - Modifications, photos, & specifications. 
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