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The treatment both medicinal and hygienic that follows the Platinum Chlorid for Demonstrating the Fibrils of Striated Muscle. find the lumen of the ojsophngus narrowed by tumors the enlarged however the vomited matters were carefully searched for altered Some attempts have been made to escape this last objection. In which thongh BufSciently valuable in themselves are too often rith a pellicular exudation portions of which are to a greater or less lit christmas songs We have thus far produced relatively few college bred physicians large cities have cine of the present and the future some inconvenience must come to the

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VHI. The Financial Aspects of Medical Education 1S6 administered for their rtyptic effect A teaspoonful of the tincture bitcoin lit captions lent hubitM of smoking and drinking spirituoua liquorti succukb will all microscopic work. It b obTioui that large classes have paid in considerable On examination with the laryngoscope a clear view was

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