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My Prelude
Mods done...

The information below is a list of modifications that I have fitted to my Prelude.

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Misc. (Information and photos to follow)

Speedo converted from km/h to mph
Cruise control adjusted for use at high speeds
Tuner converted to receive UK radio frequencies
Speedo de-limiter
Halfords' 30% brighter headlight bulbs
Goodridge brake hoses
Trilock wheel locking nuts (P/N: 070)
Put blubs (and wiring loom, etc.) into front bumper side lights.

Ground Control Coil-overs

It took me a long time to decide what suspension to purchase in order to lower my Prelude.  I wanted a suspension that I could raise & lower because I would like to fit a bodykit in the future, and I was concerned that my Prelude would be too low for the speed humps on UK roads.  I spent a long time looking into purchasing a can-over suspension which allows you to raise/lower your vehicle via a dashboard switch while you are actually driving.  This would be a perfect solution for the speed humps because I could simply raise the suspension when I arrive at a hump then lower it afterwards.  However, I decided against a can-over suspension because it was in its early stages of development, plus it cost over 2,000 UK Pounds (before fitting).  I was also suspicious of the hundereds of "spare parts" available for sale, ie. they must be high maintenance suspensions!

I decided to purchase a coil-over suspension, and after talking to various people that had coil-overs fitted to their Preludes it became evident that everybody was most happy with Ground Control's coil-overs with Koni 'Sport' shock absorbers.  I purchased the coilovers from Darkside Motoring.

GReddy Evolution Exhaust

I blew the baffles in my Tanabe Racing Medalion exhaust, and replaced it with a GReddy Evolution exhaust.  In my opinion, the GReddy exhaust looks and sounds so much better than my Tanabe Racing Medalion exhaust ever did, and I'm sure I can feel a performance improvement too - I couldn't with the Tanabe Racing Medalion.  I purchased the GReddy exhaust from ARD Performance.

Neuspeed Front Upper Strut Bar

I purchased the Neuspeed front upper strut bar because it's the best strut bar available for the Prelude, it bolts directly onto the chassis and there are no joints or moving parts to induce flex.  This is one of my favourite modifications.

STR Blade Oil Dip Stick

I purchased the STR oil dip stick from Darkside Motoring.

Polished Valve Cover

Well, it had to be done, didn't it!.  Now I need to buy a polished metal spark plug wire cover to replace the standard plastic wire cover.  While the shop (P.T.'s Polishing Shop) was polishing my valve cover I got them to also give my Impossible Performance intake an extra polish.

Genesis Stereo 60, Stereo 100, & Miniblock Amplifiers

Genesis I.C.E. Ltd. manufacture very high quality amplifiers - this is why I chose them, but unfortunately they come at a price, £600 for the Miniblock amp, £350 for the Stereo 100 amp, & £230 for the Stereo 60 amp.  As you can see from the photo above I designed the installation so that I retained access to the space saver wheel.  The car/wheel jack is wrapped in a towel and stored beside the space saver wheel because the original jack bracket was removed to make space for the subwoofer enclosure.

Below are the specifications for my amplifiers - NOTE: I have listed the Rated Power Watts RMS specification in red that were detailed on the engineer's test sheet which Genesis supplied.

 Stereo 60Stereo 100Miniblock
Rated Power / Watts RMS @ 0.1% (4 Ohm)2 x 30 592 x 50 901 x 125 280
Typical Power / Watts RMS @ 0.1% (4 Ohm)2 x 552 x 951 x 270
Maximum Current Draw23 Amps37 Amps80 Amps
Signal to Noise Ratio (4 Ohm)>100 dB>100 dB>110 dB
THD + Noise @ Rated Output0.1%0.1%0.01%
Input Sensitivity (Volts RMS)0.3 - 50.3 - 50.3 - 5
Frequency Response20 Hz - 20 KHz20 Hz - 20 KHz20 Hz - 20 KHz

Nakamichi 45z CD Player

For many years Nakamichi have widely been considered to manufacture the best quality head units.  Unfortunately, in an attempt to keep costs down many head unit manufactures nowadays sacrifice component quality for neon gizmo packed displays in order to lure customers.  Thankfully Nakamichi resisted this temptation, but the down-side is their products are expensive (you get what you pay for, I guess), my 45z cost £450.  Two features which ensure the 45z delivers high quality sound are its 20-bit D/A converter with 8-time oversampling digital filter, & a signal-to-noise ratio of better than 85 dB.

Magnecor High Performance Ignition Cables

Although Magnecor are renowned for their ignition cables, this wasn't the only reason I chose to replace the standard ignition cables.  I recently decided to go for a blue 'n silver look in the engine bay, so I got some blue ignition cables - a little vain I know!  I purchased the ignition cables from Motorsport World.

Impossible Performance Intake Pipe & Filter (P/N: 19260)

As you can see from further up this page I replaced the standard intake with a K&N 57i injection kit.  Since then I have replaced the 57i intake because the air filter was in same position as the hot air - which is not beneficial.  Most of the intake pipes I came across in the USA were made from chrome plated mild steel.  This was not an ideal material for me, because the weather here in England isn't too clever.  The roads are sprinkled with salt prior to snow showers and frosts.  Mild steel + water + salt = rust.  I eventually found a company that supplied me with a 3 inch intake made from stainless steel, which had been polished.  I purchased the intake pipe and filter from Impossible Performance.

ABC Design Clear Side Repeaters (P/N: ABCHO-304)

There was nothing wrong with the original orange side repeaters, they just looked a bit odd to me.  So I replaced them with a set of clear repeaters to give the car a more 'cleaner' appearance.  I purchased the clear side repeaters from Discount Autoparts (A1 Motorstores partner).

DC Sports Ceramic Coated Header / Manifold (P/N: HHC5009)

Choosing an aftermarket header/manifold was a much easier decision than the exhaust.  DC Sports headers are widely considered to be the best headers (for the 4th gen Prelude at least).  The only decision here was whether to purchase the stainless steel or ceramic coated header.  From my investigations, it appeared that the CC header gave better performance than the SS header - due to the ceramic coating.  Another good point was that the CC headers are a little cheaper.  The only bad point with the CC header was that its life expectancy was not as long as the SS header, as the CC header is made from mild steel.  However, I still opted for the CC header because I knew it would last at least five years - so I'll just buy a new one, if and when...  I purchased the exhaust from Carisma Autotec.

Tanabe Racing Medalion Exhaust

Choosing an aftermarket cat-back exhaust was a bit like playing game of Russian Roulette, in that I didn't know what the exhaust note was going to be like (which is very important, obviously).  So, I asked several people for advice regarding what exhausts have a deep rumbling sound.  Then I asked several people for advice regarding what exhaust would give a good performance improvement.  Then, from my short-list of exhausts I choose the one that I thought had the best visual appearance.

So, am I happy with the exhaust?  Well, yes and no...I can't tell if there's a performance increase, but then who is going to notice little performance increases.  I love the exhaust note when the engine is idleing, and low revs in general.  It also sounds nice when the VTEC kicks-in.  Unfortunately the exhaust note sounds a little raspy when accelerating (until the VTEC kicks-in).  I purchased the exhaust from Carisma Autotec.

Toyo Proxes T1-S Tyres

The reason I choose the Toyo Proxes T1-S tyre is because I had done a little research into tyre tread patterns, and I could tell this tyre would be good in the rain due to the 'V' groves that would channel the water (from anywhere on the tread) out the sides the tread.  In addition the tyre would be excellent in the dry due to the large shoulder blocks on the edge of the tread.

The tyre's dimensions are: 205/40/17.

Richbrook Flush Fitting Tyre Valve

After purchasing a set of new wheels I didn't want ugly black rubber tyre valves poking out of the rims.  So, I fitted some Richbrook flush fitting wheel valves.  An adaptor is supplied for inflating the tyre.

5-Zigen Inperio M-05 Wheels

I wanted some spoke type wheels, and I almost settled on either a set of Team Dynamics 'Motorsport' or O.Z. Racing 'Super Turismo' wheels.  There was something about the 'Super Turismo' wheels that was preventing me purchasing them, but I couldn't work out what it was, that is until I saw the 5-Zigen Inperio M-05 wheels, it then occured to me, "there's too many spokes!".  This is where the Team Dynamic 'Motorsport' wheels 'came in', they're kinda similar, but there was no competition between those and the Inperio's.  4th gen Preludes, too me, should look sleek and at the same time aggressive, and Inperio's do just that for 4th gens!

I had to import these wheels because I couldn't find any company in the UK that would supply 5-Zigen wheels.  I purchased the Inperio's from GT Autosports (www.gtautosports.com), although I later discovered it would've been cheaper to purchase them from Auto Imaging (www.autoimaging.com) because their shipping was much cheaper than GT Autosport's (despite the wheels themselves being slightly more expensive).

The wheel's dimensions are: 17"x7.0" with a +43 offset.

Guardian Fire Extinguisher

I wanted the fire extinguisher in a location when I could get hold of it with my seat belt on (in case of a serious crash), but at the same time I didn't want it to get in the way.  So, I secured the fire extinguisher bracket to the passenger seat.   When the passenger seat is moved forwards/backwards the fire extinguisher moves with it.

K&N 57i Induction Kit (P/N: 57-0314)

The K&N 57i Induction Kit can give your 2.2 Prelude VTEC extra BHP and torque.  Click on the Dyno-graph print-outs above, and see the amazing 16bhp increase for yourself!   Considering this kit is available for as little as £50 ($75) then this a great performance modification.  In fact, its worth the money just for the deep sound, especially when the VTEC 'kicks in'....ooooww baby!  I purchased mine from Kinnor Services (www.filterpower.com).

Tarox Sport Japan Brake Disks (P/N: 227G)

The standard Honda brakes disks were the first part that needed replacing on my Prelude.  Heavy braking from high speeds caused my brake disks to warp after six months use (due to heat/friction) - which made the interior & exterior shake during braking.  So, I purchased a pair to Tarox Sport Japan brake disks which are cross-drilled and vented to help cool the disks, and are also grooved to clean the pads for maximum grip.

Warning: At the same time of fitting the disks I also fitted EBC Green Stuff brake pads.  This was a huge mistake.  Some of you may be surprised by this statement because they have been voted best brake pads in many European car magazines.  I gently ran the pads in for over 300miles (which took one week), then before the second week was up I started to hear a screeching sound when braking.  To my amazement I had totally worn the pads out!, and also deeply scored my new disks.  Maybe the pads had a manufacturing fault, but I will never try them again.  My next set of fairly standard pads (Apec) have lasted me six months, and have thankfully smoothed out the score marks on my disks.

Update: After 18 months of use I noticed my Tarox disks had developed few cracks.  Obviously this was an accident waiting to happen, so I replaced them with standard Honda disks.  Eventually I will fit a bigger brake disk upgrade which will hopefully suit my driving style more effectively.

R-Spec (Datasystem) Digital Speed Meter (P/N: DSM340)

The R-Spec (Datasystem) DSM340 Digital Speed Meter is a multi-functional digital speedo with rev counter.   It will display your speed, rpm, G's, & power, in real-time, and it can also display the average and peak values from when you turned the ignition on.  Another good feature is the rev limiter - when your Prelude reaches your chosen rpm, the revs die and a bright LED warns you to change up a gear.  The DSM340 also has a built-in speed delimiter (handy if you imported your Prelude from Japan).

I mainly use the DSM340 for the time trial function....When your Prelude is stationary the DSM340 will flash 'Ready', and when you start moving the stopwatch automatically starts.  It records the time taken to reach 100km/h & 200km/h.  It also records the time taken to cover 100m, the speed at 100m, the power at 100m, and the acceleration at 100m.  The same measurements are recorded at 200m, 300m, & 400m.  Very handy after fitting new performance modifications, because you can see if they made any improvement.  I purchased the DSM340 directly from R-Spec as there were not any R-Spec dealers in the UK.

Fog Light

Cars in Japan do not require a rear fog light, but in the United Kingdom it's illegal to drive on a public road without one fitted, and as my Prelude was imported from Japan I had to fit one.  To address this, most people usually screw a seperate fog light beneath the rear bumper, which looks tacky.  The way around this was to spray the right reversing light with red paint.  Obviously, re-wiring and a switch was required too.  As you can see in the photo above there's a bit of condensation behind the lens,...probably something to do with me washing my car just prior to taking the photo, doh!

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