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cent Resorcin or one of the following is generally sufficient

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Next to that bathing the parts with cold water four or

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We have dwelt a disproportionate length of time on this

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extremities. Since vasomotor changes of the cerebral cortex or of

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restraining influence upon bacterial life in the water they contain.

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collected the soiled dressings and burnt them. It is highly probable

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more or less absorbed and their place supplied by bone.

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the arterial flow in acute cases the pressure is very hght. The pulse

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there may be some deformity kyphosis scoUosis. In about half

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is brought about by puncturing the side when the distention

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climates it is prevalent more or less through the whole

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relationships to other tribes in this important aspect of religious

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Ruptured diaphragm. A lesion of this important mus

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destruction of the liver parenchyma. In its inception none the less

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