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confidently that ethyl chloride has shown itself a more dangerous drug

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Waggett and Tilley. Dundas Grant has devised graduated frontal

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difficulty of changing it without injuring tlie skin tow as

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the posterior part of the body were injured opisthotonos

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in some cases I know from personal experience. If this is universal

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times however it will remain for nine or ten days. If

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disease states that the only points upon which ever one seems to

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the procedure and that it is moreover the means of prolonging life

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paralysis of the tail and posterior extremities is obtained. Within an

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most of the trouble when incinerating. The idea is sufficiently

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wherever breast feeding is possible. It is well recognized as Sykes

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found that in the abscess cases taking the average of lo cases the

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our chief endeavours are directed to the treatment of the underlying

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such a marked degree that they should be removed. Nlore recently

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absorbed he points out that its administration increases the urinary

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rock with several faces marked upon it. Yet she knew that no

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sion of the suppurative process inwards make it always

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This being done keep the foot perfectly dry which is of

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The deposition of biurates occurs in two distinct clinical conditions

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