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the lap of the mother or nurse with its head turned
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This Home has been established over forty years for the Care
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Leishman Donovan bodies were found in any of these cases.
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exactly. The electrodes are straight pieces of moderately stout wire
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leading to severe anaemia. Such tumours may further ulcerate
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cases belonging to the first class he now removes the hyoglossus from
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just to puncture them and the vein then by a sUght turn
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ing to the nature of the injury and the constitution of the
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well known anodynes. There are however certain neuralgic pains
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and is justly attributed to derangement of the hver and
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done by gradually moving them nearer to each other with
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juice varied directly with the virulence of the culture. The juice
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names of the diseases by which we suffer. Hence what
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In each case colotomy was first performed for the reUef of obstruction.
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In the Hunterian Lectures given at the College of Surgeons H. J.
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other two only a transitory amelioration took place. The paper con
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being attended with inflammatory symptoms or fever
corticosteroids (prednisone and methylprednisolone)
been part of the wrapping of the skull and soon afterward we
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travel along them and not across and a unilateral anaesthesia result.

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