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than that which the child s head has to undergo during the process
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walks and drives. The climate is genial and bracing. Occupation indoor
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with the same tumour but also to inoculations A ath other tumours of
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sible twice a day. One full examination and operation
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the Indians request De Smet left some of his matches with them.
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may also be secured as in any other department of X ray work.
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oedematous and tender and there was well marked fluctuation above
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rhinitis are equally dangerous in their early stages but that the nasal
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cord while the medullary mass resembled a thin caseous
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A small camel s hair brush should be dipped in turpentine
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dicrotism. If these effects are not produced by the bath the treatment
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this name is dihydroxy phthalo phenone familiarly known as phenol
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of the trunk below the level of the umbilicus. The tongue was slightly
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first the question of the value of more radical forms of surgical
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ed of the particalar structure of nerves. Thus a. nerve of
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ony a d Prussia in the months of September and October
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injections do not require frequent repetition a distinct advantage
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problem how to feed the marasmic infant but if the mother s milk
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pathogenic trypanosomes as found in the blood but that it is possible
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several interesting communications have appeared dealing with special
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places where flies congregate. The arsenical fly papers which
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A fully equipped Clinical Investigation Laboratory and an X Ray Department have
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for them when associated ith pregnancy ha e exercised the pens
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poisoning and of vomiting with or without rise of temperature or
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different in their symptoms and character and demand
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the whole thickness of the artery being included in the suture. A
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stomach a considerable quantity may be given with im
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New Growth. A case of primar carcinoma of the male urethra is
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Crows in the period 1 830 1 860 predicted the extermination of
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chloric as holding the silicious matter in solution is to be
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Healing sets in after 6 to 12 months the unhealthy yellowish
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operation consists in making a longitudinal incision of about
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and bacteriological tests. Clinically the diseases can rarely be
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medicine. Whenever possible it was consulted the night before
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tended frpm one trochanter to the other t pon the sacruni
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spectroscopic observation. In concentrated solutions part of the
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This complaint occurs in cattle but on account of the
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this Hotel are almost exclusively English and Americans. Moderate
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wisdom in this though we have seldom known any very
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among the Crows elk is not the only supernatural being to pro
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compress the lung a pressure sufi amp cient to further expand the thoracic
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the smudge pressed it to his heart kissed it and uttered another
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Since then however reports have been published by Dreyfus
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HcBniorrhages in the Eye present at Birth. Coburn examined the eyes

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