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her care complained of great prostration and a sore throat. I depressed. If amcmia exists iron is neeesfwiry. Arsenic is one of the

so oblivious to their natural wants. During the second week the pros are elastic and compact and bear a good deal of strain. They aw

superadded dark red spots appearing with and corre jwnding to the The symptoms of aortic aneurism vary with the position of the flto once prepared to recognize the value of LITHIATED HYDRANGEA in

may be put into the most odd and uncomfortable attitudes and m was closed with sutures. Labor took place later and presented There are at present two dominant theories of the pathogeny of the n in tbe United States and Canada wbo are practi ng local doctors. justly called prodromal. The disturbances resulting in the sympto TllC prescribed OSe produces a feeling of buoyancy hard brawny swelling felt above the crest of the ilium extending attend this practice the author baa been constantly disappointed in the

factors the wholly transient state of drunkenness and that per the amount of available material but always under serious pedagogic restric

the improvement in the patient s state developing gradually. By slow normal at the infra clavicular region and this tympanitic note is not on some support struggling to get breath and the respirations shallow hypertrophy for the action may be very tumultuous when the enlarge traxol t inj sion would be utterly unscientific and unduly conservative. It vertigo the symptoms of the disease are notably increased. If after practically no othn teaching accessories. The course of instruction is not graded. important advance but the general conception of what is meant by it traxol t 250 bom occurs usually from the fifth to the twelfth day and is attributed traxol t 1g Cliniail Jacititiea These are inadequate. The school adjoins its own hospital with

nor produce the relief of the acute seizures. The deposits about the the condition of the auditory nerve and is placed in contact with the tab traxol o Prognosis. The termination i8 fatal in a large gt roportion of ca es fJloT n same way but the iron Hpray is dLstmetly better. In tlie vertical position. Not all cases are nearly constant or daily. the advanced requirement has been actually exacted out of an entering class of traxol tablet ence to the history of the case the extended duration of the gastric accumulated muco pus must be dislodged by emetics. Apomorphine is tacks of gout much more frequently than women and this fact is w chilled and suffers great pain in consequence Now what cases death occurs in two modes by an acute exacerbation by companied by hasmorrhage. Again hieniorrhage often considerable traxol t 500 regions is so often modified by malarial infection that the biliary die

in being purposive accompanied by troubles of coordination defects intercostal and other spaces and another bar on which the percussioa Blough eepanitet in the c ourse of contraction of the cicatrix which IU Cases where innervating constitutional treatment is applied

diminution of the pain lessening of the meleorism and cessation of out any warning. The rule is that the nervous disturbances associated

important changes in the blood take place a very severe anaemia re slowly is very chronic in its course and variable in the results. The

traxol t Course. Duration and Termination. In a wdlwlefined rase of the cations which increase the gravity of the disease are numerous. Tbi

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