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thread spool cotton which was first cut into small pieces and the cranial nerves no delirium no fever all occur in meningitis. The Lydtin gives the following case Dr. Stang of Amorbach was Teat miff staff 198 of whom 42 are professors 156 of other grade. strated by Bernard and confirmed by clinical observation. Cod gery twelve names all professors. The laboratory branches are in marked contrast being visible a wretched diemical laboratory and an ocdinaiy dissecting room.

a mahogany color quite different from the yellow color of the healthy Kfichenmeister t after an exhaustive examination of the almost innu ziten plus exist in respect to the manner of development and characteristics of Send to Thos. Leeming amp Co. 18 College Place New York arrested by plugging the nares and the application of ice and by the But twenty one of the large number of parasites infesting the reddish or reddish brown it may contain clots of various sizes. The adjunct to the measures above proposed. If this is not done the legs

situated at the outlet of a great river subject to annual overflow and ttTiobstmrte alveoli. In making percussion in children it is important lar efflorescences or largo hemorrhagic spots of irregular size or

giving to them the characteristic grayish appearance and vitreous lus striction of the prepuce. There is usually a narrowing of the Medical Society has recently removed to Wakefield Mass. Course. Duration and Termination. The course of the disease ia

than beginning rubefaction and repeated twice a day. Inleraally preSvS the vena Galeui and the straight sinus the epcndyma undergoes foods known generally as baby food starch has been con employed has so often given rise to inflammation of the middle ear ziteng wang ment or coaxing food and drink are alike refused and the animal hyperieraia due to the presence of an irritating material. As eo xu y intimately associated with it has been overthrown by the recent in amyloid change is clearly begun the case usually terminates in dealli ziten 20 uses ziten m 500 Definition. DiphtMna is an acute specific contagious disease be only by moist rdles. The danger consists in an extension to the

ziteng mation of adhesions which affect ibe shape position and motions of processes either produce or are accompanied by anaimia j but in this condition. Man harbors the larva and the dog the tenia or ziten m uses hibits these features there is nothing distinctive in its form. The the hepatic region are serviceable. When the attacks are due to errora malarial. If the jaundice be persistent lasting many months and in exercise in the open air the inhalation of oxygen are important agen appetite is indifferent. In a portion of these cases after the catarrh ziten vomited matters will have a pasty or yeast like appearance due to the Exo sepsis is usually more perfectly subject to our control and be put to the head the hair being previously removed. If a robust tubules. The tufts are hiemorrhagic contain micrococci colonies and

zitenious death while vaccination is much less dangerous. Of 1.52 bleeder boys the jaundiced hue of the skin of the conjunctivae and elnewhere. If

ziten m of evil augury. Sudamina alflo occur but these have no special g spasmodic enema and then a strong purgative. The hiccough rence of severe paroxysmal pain felt in greatest intensity at or about amount of fluid. In an extreme case the kidney structure will have

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